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My Style Story



Its no secret, I am a complete shopaholic with lots and LOTS of clothes but why did I only ever wear the same 25% of my wardrobe? This was just one of my objectives summarised by Elaine (Image Consultant) who came to see me in 2009 and I just could not wait to get started…

As we started the analysis, Elaine advised me on the best style, shape and colouring of clothing to match my individual characteristics. In addition she introduced sympathetic accessories to rescue elements of my wardrobe that perhaps were not quite right for my personalty, colour, or body shape.


The wardrobe assessment and planning cleared my mind and from then on I had a completely different eye, still a shopaholic yes but now I asked myself is it right for my personalty, shape and colouring?


Eliane helped me to find my style personally and professionally, which I loved and felt proud to be me. I couldn’t wait to get dressed in a morning and start my day with this new positive lease of life. In creating my professional brand, I would stand more confidently, I was able to build stronger relationships which in turn improved my performance. I soon learnt that style and confidence were linked, which gave me greater success and I was able to focus on achieving my personal and professional goals.


This was a life changing experience for me and I am eternally grateful to Elaine for helping me to maximise my potential, feel happy and be proud of what I had achieved.


During 2017 I decided I wanted to enrich peoples live’s, as Elaine had mine and I trained with First Impressions to become and Image Consultant for both personal and Corporate organisations.


My clients range from executives and business owners to busy mums and empty nesters, I listen, advise and empower them to enjoy life to full potential…which is quite simply the most rewarding job I could ask for.

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Based on my own experience with Elaine and taking time to discuss my specific needs really helped me get to know her a little better and feel at ease. This is why I offer a complimentary, no obligation telephone consultation.

I can tailor my sessions completely around your objectives and talk them through with you to your satisfaction.

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My clients are both men and women, busy professionals  and parents, who are time poor but are committed to maximising their potential by being confident in their style. You will learn life lessons and together we will find styles that bring you confidence which are complimentary to your lifestyle.

We will have a lot of fun along your journey of Project You!

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Want to hear my latest styling tips, some fashion inspiration or anything else I want to share for how to look and feel the best healthy version of yourself.

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