Wardrobe Optimisation - Hannah Shaw Image Consultant
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Wardrobe Optimisation

£75 (PER HOUR)*


My experience of this session really helped me to clear my mind and reinforce the learnings from the colour and style consultations. I had far too many clothes and felt overwhelmed, keeping hold of old garments that just were not right for my personalty or lifestyle, so why would I wear them?


After the session I got the enjoyment back of getting ready in the morning with some fresh and updated outfit combinations.


I knew where the gaps were and how I could update my wardrobe, spend wisely and be ME.


I recommend a prior colour and style consultation for you to get the most out of this service, so I can look at what works for you and what you need to avoid.

During your consultation you will:

  • I arrive at your home and we agree your objectives
  • We will start to assess and organise your wardrobe and talk about what works and what doesn’t
  • Any items you would like to keep I will find a way to make them work for you
  • Any garments for alterations, repairs or dry cleaning will be set aside
  • I will show you how to maximise your wardrobe by creating different looks and how to add the finishing touches with accessories
  • I will create a shopping/wish list for you so that when you (or I/we) go shopping, you have a clear plan of what you need

*If travel exceeds 25 miles additional charges may apply.

My regular clients book a mini-wardrobe assessment at the beginning of each season to plan and edit their wardrobe with a fresh look. Again, I will create a shopping/wish list for you and advise how to store out of season clothes. You will be ready to start the new season with clarity on what you own, feel rejuvenated with some fresh and updated outfit combinations.

If you’re interested in finding out more about a wardrobe optimisation session…