Style Consultation - Hannah Shaw Image Consultant
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Style Consultation

£150 (2 HOUR SESSION)*


This really was just the start of my style journey and career progression 10 years ago. Life lessons to dress for my personalty, body shape, scale and body proportions. I was able to define my personal brand with the right look to impress my clients, become a presenter and be more driven than ever to be the best successful version of me.

During your consultation you will:

  • Learn the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape
  • Receive advice on clothes brands for your body shape, personalty and lifestyle
  • Learn how to create illusions to emphasise good points
  • Learn how to detract the eye from areas you may feel conscious of
  • Learn how to co-ordinate your wardrobe more effectively and get better value from purchases
  • Receive a workbook (pdf) with advice of clothing styles to look for which you can refer to on your phone at anytime (or print the document if you prefer).

*If travel exceeds 25 miles additional charges may apply.

If you’re interested in finding out more about a style consultation session…