Corporate Presentations - Hannah Shaw Image Consultant
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Corporate Presentations



Many organisations invest heavily on their own branding and company image; their mission statement, values, logo, website but are their employees aligned with their overall corporate brand message?


As an Image Consultant and with my corporate background I understand how professionals present themselves to existing and potential clients to make a statement about who they are and the organisation they represent.

Employees are the those who create the first impression of a company, are they sending the right message and creating the lasting impression of the brand?


By investing in your employees not only will they look and feel the part, they will have greater confidence, greater success and above all, enjoy life to its full potential.

Whether your organisation’s dress code is formal business, business casual, uniformed or somewhere in between, employees often struggle with balancing an updated, individual style with a professional corporate dress code.
I  help develop and implement dress code guidelines for organisations to help their employees and members achieve success, both personally and professionally.


All workshops are designed to the organisations training needs and methods are selected based on the level of experience /existing knowledge or skill of the trainees.

Impression management topics:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Creating an appropriate business image
  • Personal presentation in building relationships and in communication
  • Positive body language
  • Colour theory and the influence of colour
  • Style categories / Dress codes to create an appropriate look for every occasion
  • Effective wardrobe management

*If travel exceeds 25 miles additional charges may apply.

If you’re interested in finding out more about a corporate presentation session…