Colour Consultation - Hannah Shaw Image Consultant
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Colour Consultation

£150 (2.5 HOUR SESSION)*


Colour analysis was truly transformational for me, teaching me the best shades of colour that really complimented my natural colouring, my skin and eyes looked brighter and I started to wear colours that I had never even considered before. I could not believe how powerful colour is, the impact it had on my mood, feeling more vibrant and how I was perceived by others.

During your consultation you will:

  • Learn what your primary and secondary colour characteristics are, highlighting your best neutral shades mixed with your best base colours
  • Learn which make-up shades will suit you best and the opportunity to try ethically sourced, botanically based products
  • Learn how to colour rescue any items in your wardrobe with the use of makeup or accessories.
  • Receive a personalised colour swatch to aid you whilst shopping in store or online
  • Receive advice on your professional profile and how to project authority or approachability with the use of contrasting colours

*If travel exceeds 25 miles additional charges may apply.

If you’re interested in finding out more about a colour consultation session…